Whether you’re hosting a breakfast event or you’re looking to have a breakfast menu any time of the day Pauli‘s would be happy to help you!

Delivery to your home, office or event venue. Basic set up or full staffing is available.

Please check our menu below.

Catering orders do require advanced notice so be sure to book early.


Pauli‘s Famous Homemade Hash
10 Serving Half Tray $69
20 Serving Full Tray $129


Pauli‘s Famous Red Homemade Hash
10 Serving Half Tray $75
20 Serving Full Tray $145


Pauli‘s Pancakes
10 Serving Half Tray (15 Pancakes) $49
20 Serving Full Tray (30 Pancakes) $99


Pauli‘s French Toast
10 Serving Half Tray (15 Slices) $49
20 Serving Full Tray (30 Slices) $99


Pauli‘s Waffles
4 Large Waffles Cut in Quarters  $24


Fresh Fruit Platter w Brown Sugar Dip  $50  Serves 20 Breakfast Pastries $20 Per Dozen
Coffee Cake | Cinnamon Rolls | Muffins
Assorted Bagels $20 Per Dozen
With Cream Cheese n Butter


Breakfast Sandwiches  $7 Each Minimum of 10
Fried Egg and Cheese with Bacon or Sausage on an English Muffin


Continental Breakfast  $11 Per Person Minimum of 10
Sliced Fresh Fruit |  Muffins | Assorted Bagels and Cream Cheese | Regular Coffee and Orange Juice


Breakfast Buffet $18 Per Person Minimum of 20
Sliced Fresh Fruit | Coffee Cake | Scrambled Eggs
Sausage & Bacon | Home Fries |  Regular Coffee


Coffee Station  $2.50 Per Person Minimum of 20
Regular and Decaf Coffee | Cups
Stirrers | Sugar and Sweeteners | Creamers